Bug 43

Title: Provide a way to set metadata for ODF documents
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Created on 2017-12-15 16:07 by bramd, last changed 2021-07-29 17:48 by roundup-bot.

msg71 Author: [hidden] (bramd) Date: 2017-12-15 16:06
There is currently some code to clear metadata (such as last
printed on, number of revisions, last edited by etc).
However, there is no way to set metadata. I think setting
the title and author would be the most common case here.

Ideally, the template author should be able to use template
markup in the metadata fields somehow.
msg155 Author: [hidden] (nicoe) Date: 2021-06-01 12:15
Here is a review:

With this review people can insert text starting with "relatorio://" in the libreoffice interface to template some metadata.
msg156 Author: [hidden] (ced) Date: 2021-06-01 12:24
Does the usage of user defined meta in the document being updated when the result is opened?
msg157 Author: [hidden] (nicoe) Date: 2021-06-01 13:05
* Cédric Krier  [2021-06-01 12:24 +0200]: 
>Does the usage of user defined meta in the document being updated when the
>result is opened?

Yes it works. You can insert the data defined in meta in the document.
msg160 Author: [hidden] (roundup-bot) Date: 2021-07-29 11:49
New changeset 391b56e40ce3 by Nicolas Évrard in branch 'default':
Add templating of user-defined meta in opendocument
msg163 Author: [hidden] (roundup-bot) Date: 2021-07-29 17:48
New changeset 0b857e3b0a01 by Nicolas Évrard in branch 'default':
Add templating of meta in opendocument
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